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Galtung / MacQueen .:. Globalizing God

Galtung, Johan, Graeme MacQueen, Globalizing God. Religion, spirituality and peace. [Oslo] 2008.


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Galtung, Johan, Graeme MacQueen,
Globalizing God. Religion, spirituality and peace. [Oslo]: Transcend University Press, 2008. 254 Seiten mit Literaturverzeichnis. Kartoniert. Grossoktav.
* his is the fourth publication from TRANSCEND University Press.
Bestell-Nr.153401 | ISBN: 82-300-0473-0 | 978-82-300-0473-9
Galtung MacQueen | Friedensforschung | Friedensbewegung | Antimilitarismus | Pazifismus | Religion

This book, jointly authored by Johan Galtung and Graeme MacQueen, explores how religion, and specific religions, relate to spirituality - an inner sense of something beyond our selves - and peace, a pattern of nonviolence and equity.

In Part I the reader is taken on a tour of religions around the world, the religio-scape, from Occident to Orient and abrahamism to buddhism, in search of peace-building spiritualities. Religions are then scrutinized for their hard and soft aspects.

In Part II this search is taken much further into the theory and practice of peace, with a focus on five Asian peace spiritualities, and on ways in which religions have inspired concrete peace-making.

The epilogue is written as a drama in five acts, a dialogical search for ways the religions could be a joint human property in a rapidly globalizing world.
Johan Galtung, born 1930 in Oslo, Norway, lives in Spain, France, Japan and the USA, and is mainly engaged in mediation and research. He founded TRANSCEND: A Network for Peace and Development in 1993, and was the first rector of Transcend Peace University 2003-2007 (see www.transcend.org/tpu).

Graeme MacQueen, born 1948 in Nova Scotia, Canada, lives in Canada and was professor of religious studies at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario 1974-2003. He was founding director of McMaster's Centre for Peace Studies.

This is the fourth publication from TRANSCEND University Press: No. 1 Johan Galtung, 50 Years: 100 Peace & Conflict Perspectives No. 2 Johan Galtung and Paul D. Scott, Democracy Peace Development No. 3 Johan Galtung, 50 Years: 25 Intellectual Landscapes Explored
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