Masterson .:. Psychotherapy of the Borderline Adult

Masterson, James F., Psychotherapy of the Borderline Adult. A Developmental Approach. New York 1976.


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Masterson, James F.,
Psychotherapy of the Borderline Adult. A Developmental Approach. 3rd printing. New York: Brunner/Mazel, 1976. xiv, 377 Seiten mit Literaturverzeichnis und Register. Leinen mit Schutzumschlag. Grossoktav.
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This book presents an object relations theory which lays bare the developmental origins and intrapsychic struc-ture of the borderline syndrome and makes a rational and effective psychotherapy possible. The theory is illustrated through numerous case examples of psychotherapy, there-by providing some answers to many of the most pressing questions about psychotherapy of the borderline. These questions include : How do you make the diagnosis in view of the com-plex and shifting clinical picture? What is the difference bet. peen the borderline syndrome and borderline state? How do you differentiate the borderline from the psychot-ic, the narcissistic disorder, or the psychopathic? What etiologic factors contribute to the disorder? Why does the borderline have such difficulties in close interpersonal reationships? What events pose crucial and severe precipitating stresses? What kind of psychotherapy is indicated? How often should the patient be seen and for how long? Is intensive psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapy possible? What therapeutic techniques are essential? When, how and why does the therapist intervene? Can the patient's responses to the intervention be predicted? To what extent and how do you deal with the notorious negative transference? What is the effect of intercurrent life events on the borderline pa-tient in therapy? How do you terminate psychotherapy?
JAMES F. MASTERSON, M.D. is Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Cornell University Medical College and Attending Psychiatrist at Payne Whitney Clinic, New York Hospital. During the last two decades he has been a pioneer in cont. Ttualizing and treating the borderline syndrome in adolescents and adults. His extensive publications in this field include over 40 journal articles and two widely acclaimed books: The Psychiatric Dilemma of Adolescence and Treat-ment of the Borderline Adolescent A Developmen-tal Approach.
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