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Frolov / Yudin .:. The Ethics of Science

Frolov, I. und B. Yudin, The Ethics of Science: Issues and Controversies. Moscow 1989.


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Frolov, I. und B. Yudin,
The Ethics of Science: Issues and Controversies. Moscow: Progress Publishers, 1989. 364 Seiten mit Register. Broschur. Kleinoktav. 164 x 99 mm.
* Translated from the Russian by Lilia Nakhapetyan and Valentin Parnakh. - Widmung auf dem Titelblatt (möglicherweise von I.Frolov).
Bestell-Nr.158043 | ISBN: 5-01-001136-0
Frolov Yudin | Philosophie | Wissenschaftstheorie | Ethik

The Ethics of Science Academician Ivan Frolov (b. 1929), a prominent Soviet philosopher and Chairman of the Soviet Philosophical Society, is author to many books, e.g. Philosophical Problems of PresentDay Biology (1961), Essays on the Methodology of Biological Research (1965), Genetics and Dialectics (1968), Global Problems and the Future of Mankind (translated into English, Hindi and Finnish) and Man — Science— Humanism: A New Synthesis (translated into English and French). Boris Yudin (b. 1943), D.Sc. (Philos.), is editorinchief of Voprosy istorii yestestvoznaniya i tekhniki (Questions of the History of Natural Science and Technology) and author to many publications on the development and methodology of science. The authors examine a whole set of problems in the ethics of science, the issue of a scientist's social responsibility and the forms and ways of its fulfilment in the context of the scholars' participation in nuclear research, in tackling today's global problems, the ethical aspects of sociobiological investigations, human experimentation and genetic engineering. The book is written in a polemical style, and is addressed not only to philosophers and historians of science, but to all those interested in the life of the scientific community and its relationships with society.
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