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Bender / Druckrey .:. Culture on the Brink

Bender, Gretchen + Timothy Druckrey [ed.], Culture on the Brink. Ideologies of Technology. Seattle 1995.


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Bender, Gretchen + Timothy Druckrey [ed.],
Culture on the Brink. Ideologies of Technology. Second Printing. Seattle: Bay Press, 1995. 361 Seiten mit Abbildungen. Broschur. 214 x 152 mm.
* Dia Center for the Arts Discussions in Contemporary Culture Number 9 . - Stempel auf dem Vortitelblatt.
Bestell-Nr.158060 | ISBN: 0-941920-28-3
Bender Druckrey | Philosophie | Kunsttheorie

A Note on the Series
1 Introduction Timothy Druckrey

I. Ideologies of Technology
15 Technology and the Future of Work Stanley Aronowitz
31 Media, Technology, and the Market: Herbert l. Schiller
The Interacting Dynamic
47 From Virtual Cyborgs to Biological Time Bombs: Kathleen Woodward
Technocriticism and the Material Body
65 Homo Generator: Wolfgang Schirmacher
Media and Postmodern Technology
80 Notes

II. Technology and the Body: The Constitution of Identity
85 The Merging of Bodies and Artifacts Elaine Scarry
in the Social Contract
Joan H. Marks
99 The Human Genome Project:
A Challenge in Biological Technology
R. C. Lewontin
107 The Dream of the Human Genome
Paula A. Treichler
129 AIDS, Identity, and the Politics of Gender
144 Notes

III. Information, Artificiality, and Science
149 Making Sense Out of Nonsense:
Rescuing Reality from Virtual Reality Gary Chapman
157 What Do Cyborgs Eat?
Oral Logic in an Information Society Margaret Morse
191 Three Paradoxes of the Information Age
Langdon Winner
198 Notes

IV. Technology, Art, and Cultural Transformation
207 Artists, Engineers, and Collaboration Billy Klüver
221 Stories from the Nerve Bible Laurie Anderson
231 Virtual Reality as the Completion Simon Penny
of the Enlightenment Project
Tricia Rose
249 Give Me a (Break) Beat!
Sampling and Repetition in Rap Production
259 Notes

V. Technology and the New World Order
267 Lenin's War, Baudrillard's Games James Der Derian
277 Video/ Television/ Rodney King: Avital Ronell
Twelve Steps Beyond the Pleasure Principle
305 The Haunted Screen Kevin Robins
317 The Gulf Massacre as Paranoid Rationality Les Levidow
329 The New Smartness Andrew Ross
342 Notes

347 Bibliography
357 Notes on Contributors
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