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Antonides / Arts / Raaj .:. The Consumption of Time […]

Antonides, G., W. Arts, W.F.v. Raaj [Hrsg.], The Consumption of Time and the Timing of Consumption. Toward a New Behavioral and Socio-Economics. Amsterdam et al. 1991.


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Antonides, G., W. Arts, W.F.v. Raaj [Hrsg.],
The Consumption of Time and the Timing of Consumption. Toward a New Behavioral and Socio-Economics. Amsterdam et al.: North-Holland, 1991. VII, 285 Broschur. Grossoktav. 245 x 170 mm.
* Proceedings of the International Colloqulum, Amsterdam, 6-8 November 1990 - Contributions in honor of Amitai Etzioni. - Umschlag etwas lichtrandig / gebräunt und mit kleinen Druckstellen, obere Ecke leicht bestossen.
Bestell-Nr.158065 | ISBN: 0-444-85733.8
Antonides Arts Raaj | Psychologie | Soziologie | Oekonomie | Festschrift | liber amicorum | Amitai Etzioni

Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen Verhandelingen, Afd. Letterkunde, Nieuwe Reeks, deel 146 The Consumption of Time and the Timing of Consumption Toward a New Behavioral and Socio-Economics Contributions in honor of Amitai Etzioniext_link.jpg Edited by Gerrit Antonides, Wil Arts and W. Fred van Raaij North-Holland. Amsterdam / Oxford / New York / Tokyo, 1991 Contents Preface VII About the Participants 1 Autobiography of Amitai Etzioni 7 Part I The Behavioral and Socio-Economic Perspective John A. Michon Opening address to the Academy Colloquium on 'The consumption Of time and the timing of consumption' 17 Amitai Etzioni The socio-economic perspective on time 22 W. Fred van Raaij The time dimension of economic behavior 27 Arjo Klamer Consumption as a communicative activity 39 Rik G.M. Pieters and Bas Verplanken Changing our mind about behavior 49 Part II The Consumption of Time Mark Elchardus Rationality and the specialization of meaning. A sociological approach to the allocation of time 69 Beat Bürgenmeier Time is money or what? The labour market in a socio-economic perspective 87 Jacob Hornik Time judgment and use: the role of situational intervening factors 101 Wim Knulst On changes in time budgets: the case of media usage 110 Part Ill The Timing of Consumption Wil Arts On changes in time preference over time 127 Alan R. Andreasen Readiness to change: Theoretical, empirical and managerial issues 138 Sophia R. Wunderink The timing of children 149 Gerrit Antonides Psychological factors in the lifetime of a durable good 162 Karl-Erik Wärneryd The psychology of saving: From micro- to macroeconomic psychology 176 Shlomo Maital and Sharone L. Maital Is the future what it used to be? A behavioral theory of the decline in saving in the West 195 Richard Swedberg Time, consumption and the concept of 'Economic Community': From Fukuyama to the European Community 215 Discussion Sigmund Grønmo and Folke Ölander Micro-macro relationships in the study of time and consumption: a comment 227 Arjen van Witteloostuijn Economic psychology and socio-economics. An essay on discourse strategies and research potentials 232 List Of Publications by Etzioni 243 Authors index 282 Subject index 283
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