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Madgwick .:. Introduction to British politics

Madgwick, Peter J., Introduction to British politics. London 1972.


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Madgwick, Peter J.,
Introduction to British politics. 3. impr. London: Hutchinson, 1972. 488 Seiten mit Literaturverzeichnis und Register. Broschiert. 214 x 133 mm.
* Gebräunt, Besitzvermerk auf dem Vortitelblatt.
Bestell-Nr.160168 | ISBN: 9780090968916
Madgwick | Grossbritannien | Politik

The author has resisted the temptation to write a traditional textbook on British political institutions and has attempted to design a flexible workbook for use as a basis for a whole course or for selective use as a source-book to complement a wider course in sixth forms, first-year university courses and liberal studies programmes in technical colleges and adult education centres. Documents, assessments, exercises, as well as conventional narration and analysis, encourage the reader to work at and reflect upon the material, rather than simply absorb lists of political tacts.
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