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Miyake / Fujiwara .:. A-Poc Making

Miyake, Issey & Dai Fujiwara, A-Poc Making. Weil am Rhein 2001.


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Miyake, Issey & Dai Fujiwara,
A-Poc Making. Weil am Rhein: Vitra-Design-Museum, 2001. 109 Seiten mit Abbildungen. Kartoniert mit Lesebändchen und Schutzumschlag. 4to.
* Exhibition A-Poc Making at Vitra-Design-Museum Berlin, June 1 - July 1, 2001. Ed. Mateo Kries, Alexander von Vegesack. Authors Issey Miyake, Dai Fujiwara, Mateo Kries. Transl. Jutta Küster. Deutsch und englisch. - Schutzumschlag mit Gebrauchsspuren.
Bestell-Nr.153412 | ISBN: 3-931936-26-0 | 978-3-931936-26-6
Miyake Fujiwara | Kunstausstellung | Ausstellungskatalog | Handwerk | Kunsthandwerk | Textil | Kleidermode | Objektkunst | Design
Issey Miyake is regarded as a leading fashion designer. He explores the relationship between body and clothing, sculpting the human frame with new modern day fabrics, creating his trademark dynamic shapes and forms.
A-POC (A Piece of Cloth) is the result of the collaboration between Miyake and Dai Fujiwara and their quest to revolutionize the process of clothing production. Together they have completely re-thought the process, from the use of new generation raw materials, to the machines used, to the fitting of the wearer.
The "tubes" of fabric produced in the A-POC factories, hold complete clothing ensembles waiting to be cut out, thus literally allowing the fabric to be cut and fitted straight on to the wearer. A new concept of clothing manufacture for the fashion industry in the 21st Century.
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