Bruxelles / Paris 1985 .:. Tony Cragg

[Cragg, Tony]Tony Cragg. Bruxelles 1985.


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[Cragg, Tony]
Tony Cragg. Bruxelles: Société des Expositions du Palais des Beaux-Arts, 1985. 103 Seiten mit Abbildungen und Literaturverzeichnis. Klappenbroschur. 4to. 300 x 240 mm. 620 g
* Flämisch, französisch und englisch. Ausstellung: Société des Expositions du Palais des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles = Vereniging voor Tentoonstellingen van het Paleis voor Schone Kunsten te Brussel 20 juin - 28 juillet 1985, ARC Musée d’art Moderne de la Ville de Paris 8 octobre 1 decembre 1985. - Rücken etwas bestossen.
Bruxelles Paris 1985 | Bildhauerei | Plastik | Sculpture | Kunstausstellung | Ausstellungskatalog | Installationskunst | Installation Art

In accordance with Tony Cragg's explicit wishes, the present exhibition is not a retrospective.
Several months were spent enthusiastically preparing it, with a view to showing the public a series of recent works that have been made especially for the rooms of the Palais des Beaux-Arts and the ARC, the concordant cornice height, volume, circulation and — more specifically — the harmonious light which has stimulated Tony Cragg from the start.
The result are large mural works that respect the cornice dimensions on one hand and mutually independent, free standing objects on the other. This double opportunity to exhibit the `Selbstverständlichkeit', the self-sufficiency of his art led Tony Cragg to conceive the present exhibition as a crosspiece, a cross-section (to use his own words) rather than a retrospective.
His concern is to show simultaneously diverse sources of inspiration and discoveries in different materials that are contemporary to each other and not the result of a conscious evolution. Most of the works from 1984-85 are clearly related to the daily atmosphere in which Tony Cragg works. In today's 'portraits', 'landscapes' and accumulated or con-structed sculptures, Tony Cragg takes a firmer stand and reduces the importance of colour by using more diversified raw materials such as metal plaques, various kinds of wood, graphite and electric cables. A change which, in a way, is also related to his daily environment: the long city of Wuppertal and its suburbs, where a continuous tension bet-ween nature on the one hand and 'man made' elements on the other, a permanent and elusive transition from city to country, stress the diversity of Tony Cragg's inspiration.
Michel Baudson, the assistant-director of the Societe des Expositions and Annie Merie for the ARC, organized this exhibition.
We would also like to thank the British Council and Philip Morris Belgium/France, without whose help neither the exhibition or catalogue would have been made possible.
K. J. Geirlandt General Director of the Societe des Expositions
Suzanne Page Director of the ARC, Paris
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