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Wallace .:. Black Popular Culture

Wallace, Michele, Black Popular Culture. Seattle 1992.


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Wallace, Michele,
Black Popular Culture. Seattle: Bay Press, 1992. IX, 373 Seiten mit Abbildungen und Literaturverzeichnis. Broschur. 214 x 152 mm.
* Dia Center for the Arts Discussions in Contemporary Culture Number 8. - Edited by Gina Dent
Bestell-Nr.158061 | ISBN: 0-941920-24-0
Wallace | Kunstgeschichte | Black Culture | Nordamerika | African American Culture

VII A Note on the Series
Editor's Note
1 Black Pleasure, Black Joy: An Introduction Gina Dent
21 What is this "Black" in Black Popular Culture? Stuart Hall

l. Popular Culture: Theory and Criticism
37 Nihilism in Black America Cornel West
48 Dialectically Down with the Critical Program bell hooks
56 The Documentary Impulse in Contemporary Valerie Smith
U.S. African-American Film
65 The Politics Of Interpretation: Jacqueline Bobo
Black Critics, Filmmakers, Audiences
75 The Black Man's Burden Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
85 Discussion

II. Gender, Sexuality. and Black Images
in Popular Culture
95 The Accusatory Space Jacquie Jones
99 Unleash the Queen Marlon T Riggs
106 The Body in Question Lisa Kennedy
Getting Down to Get Over: Romare Bearden's Judith Wilson 112
Use of Pornography and the Problem of the
Black Female Body in Afro-U.S. Art
Michele Wallace
123 Boyz N the Hood and Jungle Fever
Houston A. Baker, Jr.
132 "You Cain't Trust It":
Experts Witnessing in the Case of Rap
139 Discussion

Ill. The Urban Context
153 Toward a Redefinition of the Urban: John Wries
The Collision Of Culture
164 Two Words on Music: Black Community Sherley Anne Williams
173 Nostalgia for the Present: Kofi Natambu
Cultural Resistance in Detroit 1977—1987
187 The Multicultural Wars
Hazel V Carby
200 Popular Culture and the Economics
Julianne Malveaux
Of Alienation
209 Discussion

IV. The Production of Black Popular Culture
223 Black Texts/Black Contexts
Tricia Rose
228 Seizing the Moving Image:
Ada Gay Gryffin
Reflections Of a Black Independent Producer
234 About Face:
Thomas Allen Harris
The Evolution Of a Black Producer
243 Preface to a One-Hundred-and-Eighty Volume
Greg Tate
Patricide Note: Yet Another Few Thousand
Words on the Death of Miles Davis and the
Problem of the Black Male Genius
249 69
Arthur Ma
255 "Black Is, Black Ain't":
Isaac Julien
Notes on Do-Essentializing Black Identities
264 Discussion

V. Do the Right Thing:
Postnationalism and Essentialism
279 Pan-American Postnationalism: Coco Fusco
Another World Order
285 Afro-Kitsch Manthia Diawara
292 Race, Identity, and Political Culture Manning Marable
303 It's a Family Affair Paul Gilroy
317 Black Nationalism: Angela Y Davis
The Sixties and the Nineties
325 Discussion

333 Afterword: "Why Are There No Great Michele Wallace
Black Artists?" The Problem of Visuality
in African-American Culture
347 Bibliography of Related Sources
367 Notes on Contributors
373 Photo Credits
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