Byres .:. The state, development planning and liberalisation in India

Byres, Terence J. [ed.], The state, development planning and liberalisation in India. Delhi 1997.


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Byres, Terence J. [ed.],
The state, development planning and liberalisation in India. Delhi: Oxford University Press, 1997. viii, 434 Seiten mit Literaturverzeichnis und Register. Pappband (gebunden) mit Schutzumschlag. 221 x 145 mm.
* SOAS studies on South Asia. - Leicht bestossen.
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This text provides a treatment of the nature, achievement and limitations of Indian development planning between 1950 and the late 1980s. It then views the liberalization of the 1990s in relation to the pre-1991 experience and critically evaluates India's performance in the 90s.
Introduction: Development Planning and the Interventionist State Versus Liberalisation and the Neo-liberal State: India, 1989-1996
Terence J. Byres 1

Part l: The State, Development Planning and Structural Change
1 State, Class and Development Planning in India
Terence J. Byres 36
2 Development Planning and the Indian State
Partha Chatterjee 82
3 Critical Reflections on Some Aspects of Structural Change in the Indian Economy
Prabhat Patnaik 104

Part 2: Critical Domestic Issues
4 Agricultural Development under State Planning
J. Mohan Rao 127
5 India's Agricultural Development in the Light of Historical Experience
Utsa Patnaik 172
6 Agricultural Price Policy for Growth: the Emerging Contradictions
Krishna Bharadwaj 198
7 The Contribution of Planning to Indian Industrialisation
Isher Judge Ahluwalia 254
8 Public Sector Industry and the Political Economy of Indian Development
Amiya Kumar Bagchi 298

Part 3: The Foreign Dimension
9 The Foreign Trade Sector, Planning and Industrialisation in India
Deepak Nayyar 340
10 Planning and Foreign Investment in Indian Manufacturing
Nirmal Kumar Chandra 369

Index 420
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