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Hoe .:. The Man who gave his company away

Hoe, Susanna, The Man who gave his company away. A biography of Ernest Bader, founder of the Scott Bader Commonwealth. London 1978.


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Hoe, Susanna,
The Man who gave his company away. A biography of Ernest Bader, founder of the Scott Bader Commonwealth. London: Heinemann, 1978. xiii, 242 Seiten mit Abbildungen, Literaturverzeichnis und Register. Leinen mit Farbkopfschnitt und Schutzumschlag. 222 x 143 mm.
* Baders Autograph auf dem Vorsatzblatt (1978). - Schutzumschlag mit schwachen Gebrauchsspuren.
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This is the absorbing account of an extraordinary social experiment that has attracted world attention. Swiss-born Ernest Bader came to London before World War I; deciding that life as an employee was without purpose he dreamt that one day he would set up aworking community where every worker had a share in its organization.
Starting in 1920 as sole agent in England for a new product - celluloid - his business grew as did his concern to avoid exploiting labour and to create a Christian environment where profits, after reinvestment, would be shared amongst the workers; he would form a new social order liberated from the constraints of formal welfare capitalism. A generation before the days of the Bullock Report he made his first attempt to establish a closer community with the Scott Bader Fellowship in 1946 but it proved unsuccessful.
Undeterred, he tried again in 1949. This time he succeeded. The Scott Bader Commonwealth came into being in 195l and Ernest Bader signed away his shares of a company it had taken him thirty years to build - in common ownership with his employees. This biography traces the subsequent triumphs and upheavals of a man who is never boring, always unpredictable. It relates what part his example of acommon ownership enterprise played in the passing of the Industrial Common Ownership Act; how the Commonwealth evolved and what it hopes to achieve in the future.
Quaker, pacifist, visionary, entrepreneur, Ernest Bader has succeeded in realising his dream: not only has he forged new paths in industrial democracy but he has successfully made his company one of the leading synthetic resin producers in the United Kingdom.

Jacket photograph: John Thompson
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