Schweitzer .:. An Anthology

Schweitzer, Albert, An Anthology. Boston 1947.
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Schweitzer, Albert,
An Anthology. Boston: Beacon Press, 1947. xxviii, 323 Seiten mit Literaturverzeichnis und Register. Leinen mit Farbkopfschnitt und Schutzumschlag. Grossoktav. 728 g
* Presentation Edition Nr. 177 of 1500 copies, signed by C.R.Joy. Edited by Charles R. Joy. - Schutzumschlag ausgeleiert und mit Rissen.
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Appealing to the vast numbers now wakening to the greatness of Albert Schweitzer in our age — and similarly to those avid students of his writings — here is the cream of his literary work, carefully selected, abridged and classified in close cooperation with Dr. Schweitzer himself.
Between his titan labors and studies, Albert Schweitzer found time to write with piercing keenness and telling power on a variety of subjects: philosophy, theology, ethics, biography and autobiography, music, medicine. But unlike most writers, he wrote not from a sequestered study, but out of broad experience and thought dedicated to action.
Never before have his sagelike writings been culled to form an organized pattern of commentary, criticism and credo in the enduring aspects of life. For material the editor has tracked down all the books and other writings of Albert Schweitzer, whether published in France, Germany, England or America, together with biographical notes gathered from the great man himself. In addition to his anthology, he has included a unique chronology of Dr. Schweitzer's life, a full biographical sketch, a complete bibliography and very useful subject and title indices. In America, many of Dr. Schweitzer's greatest books are now out of print and can be obtained only with the greatest difficulty.
"This anthology," says the editor, "represents an effort to make avail able much that is now scattered and hidden, to gather together those passages from published books and ephemeral writings which have meaning and inspiration for us today, to introduce a world careless of human, ethical, and spiritual values to a man for whom only these values exist. His message of mystical, reverent, lifeaffirmation is a tonic word for this age, so recklessly eager to squander its heritage."

The Editor: Charles R. Joy is the editor of the popular and useful Harper's Topical Concordance. Between duties as editor of the Wayside Pulpit and international relief administrator he has spent much of the time since its publication reading and collating the vast materials of Albert Schweitzer. The manuscript was taken to Africa just before publication by the editor and personally checked by Schweitzer.

The Contents of this anthology of Schweitzer's writing:
The Sanctuary of Thought
The Struggle for Truth
The Search for Beauty
The Altars of the World
The Timelessness of Jesus
The Humanity of Paul
The Strength of Christianity
God and his Kingdom
Affirmation and Negation
The Dignity of the Individual
The Transformation of Society
The Ideals of Civilization
The Religion of the Spirit
The Mystical WorldView
Living Ethics
The WilltoLive
Reverence for Life
The Sacredness of All that Lives
Retrospect and Prospect
Presentation Edition
In advance of the joint publication of the first trade edition by The Beacon Press of Boston and Harper & Brothers of New York and Adam & Charles Black of London, the first-named has printed this Edition for presentation to Dr. Albert Schweitzer and to his staff in French Equatorial Africa and to his friends throughout the world, and for distribution among the liberal religious fellowship of which The Beacon Press is a part.
One thousand five hundred copies of this Presentation Edition have been printed of which this is Number
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